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Steppin' Out - The 12 Step Radio ShowWe are proud to invite you to add Steppin' Out, a truly compelling, powerful "reality" radio show, to your broadcast lineup.

Steppin' Out introduces your listeners to real people with gripping true stories of real life. Not only is this an amazingly compelling show, Steppin' Out is socially responsible, entertaining and reaches people of ALL ages, lifestyles and demographic groups!

Steppin' Out reaches a huge and a unique audience. This show involves not only the traditional radio listeners, but also invites in millions of non-traditional listeners from the recovery community!

There's nothing as powerful as real life. Everyone knows someone struggling to overcome an obsession with sex, drugs, alcohol, food or gambling. Steppin' Out brings insight and support to addicts and those who care about them. These stories are not only for them, but also for those who want to know what it is like to cross over the edge.

Steppin' Out - Offers Proven Ratings Success - Brings in New Listeners to Radio - Entertains, Informs, Inspires and Persuades - Provides Unforgetable Storytelling - Is Great Radio

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What Radio People are saying about Steppin' Out:

"A fine show."

--Phil Boyce
Vice President, ABC NewsTalk Radio/New York and WABC RADIO


"A great show, brings new listeners, helps people, offers the station incredible sponsorship opportunities and real community involvement."

--Andy Vierra
Program Director, KNUU/Las Vegas


"This is a riveting, fascinating radio concept. The audience response has been overwhelming. My definition of Powerful Radio is when you sit parked in a darkened garage with the groceries melting in the back and you can't get out of the car because you have to hear what happens next. Steppin' Out is that kind of a show."

--Valerie Geller
Consultant, Geller Media International


Steppin' Out benefits your station and advertisers:


NEW LISTENERS TO YOUR RADIO STATION: Steppin' Out delivers a huge, new, and diverse audience with economic clout! Steppin' Out cross-cuts every age, gender, racial group and income level. Listeners who would NEVER tune into your radio station before, will now! At last, compelling new radio for a huge but overlooked audience.

TOTALLY UNIQUE-THERE'S NOTHING ELSE LIKE THIS on the radio! This is NOT a typical "interview the experts on recovery," public affairs program. This is real, true-to-life, inspirational, "non-preachy" programming. This is REALITY RADIO. The stories are true and the stories are the star. Steppin' Out is unlike anything else you or your listeners have ever heard on the radio. This show takes you "behind the scenes" to an ACTUAL 12 STEP MEETING on-the-air.

SATURDAY, SUNDAYS, LATE NIGHTS, ANY DAY OR TIME You can run the show at any hour. Programs are fed via ABC Satellite or available on CD.

PUBLIC SERVICE AND A RATINGS GETTER! Steppin' Out is rare -- it is a proven ratings getter which also provides a great public service. Your corporate legal department and advertisers will be thrilled to be involved in this life-changing and sometimes life-saving show, and so will the FCC.

RECOVERY AUDIENCE PLUS GENERAL AUDIENCE APPEAL! This show has a huge and broad appeal. There are hundreds of millions of people struggling with compulsive behavior in the United States. Add their friends, families, employers, interested, curious and affected others, and the potential numbers of listeners to this show are staggering. In one year alone, in New York, Steppin' Out had a 1,200% increase in its timeslot. The truth is, everyone knows someone who could use a little guidance, or is working on bettering their lives. Steppin' Out is a show that provides solutions.

A GREAT HOUR OF RADIO! HUGE LISTENER INTEREST! Carrie Fisher, Ben Affleck, Darryl Strawberry, Elton John, Robert Downey Jr. and many other well known people publicly struggle with addiction and recovery. The topic is timely, and the audience is hungry to hear the stories and share in the experiences. This is a great radio show. Human stories of triumph, tragedy, struggle, and recovery are inspiring, moving, funny and life changing. It's worthwhile in every sense. If you are interested in carrying the show and would like an affiliate package including a demo, contact us today.

Add Steppin Out To Your Station's Lineup Today!

Contact Denise McIntee at (845) 359-3299 or by e-mail: denise@powerfulradio.com


Steppin' Out is a Powerful Radio Production. 2007

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