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Powerful Radio Productions, Inc. was founded in 2000 and is owned by broadcasters who believe that what you hear on the radio should inspire, inform, entertain and persuade. Powerful Radio Productions, Inc. believes in showcasing "real life" on the radio, offering knowledge and exploring honest solutions to problems.

Along with breakthrough programming such as "Steppin' Out -The 12 Step Meeting On-The-Air," Powerful Radio Productions, Inc. produces long-form broadcast programming that explores complex and difficult issues in a clear, concise, and entertaining manner.


Denise McInteeDenise McIntee formed Powerful Radio Productions, Inc. with one goal: to produce powerful radio programs. The first project: producing the first of it's kind ever radio show: "Steppin' Out: the 12 Step Meeting On-The-Air."

Here's how the radio show idea began. While taking psychology courses in college, McIntee attended 12 Step Meetings as part of her course work. She became fascinated and noted that the meetings were often better than many of the stories currently heard on-the-air. That is how the idea for "Steppin' Out: The 12 Step Meeting On-The-Air" concept was born.

McIntee, a longtime New York broadcast professional, also works as an associate consultant with Geller Media International, working one-on-one with on-air talent, coordinating Geller Media's Powerful Radio Workshops and the annual Producer's Workshop. She also finds, trains and develops on-air personalities for Geller Media's radio and television clients around the world. More...

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Steppin' Out is a Powerful Radio Production. 2007

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